FDC Consulting GmbH was founded in 2005 by Dr. Peter Pfortner who, in addition to his training and experience in the science and technology sector, also works as a lawyer in the legal fields of medicinal products, medical devices and cosmetic products.

We create bespoke solutions for our clients with a small team of highly specialised experts. In addition to our long-term experience, regular advanced training for employees (including expert technical documentation, safety assessors in line with the German Dermatology Society, auditors focusing on DIN EN ISO 13485) ensures that our consulting services are top quality. Where necessary, we work with a network of qualified experts from additional specialist fields (pharmacists, pharmacologists and toxicologists).

At the same time we make sure that, in addition to high-quality expertise, we never lose sight of the question of economic viability. In particular in the area of QM systems, where the intertwining of standardised requirements and operating procedures exert considerable influence over the practicability of the solution developed, "bespoke" solutions are a must.

But also, where regulatory standards allow products to be put into various categories, the "ideal solution" is often achieved only after looking at the client's distribution channels, marketing strategies and/or organisational structure. We can also provide our clients with individual support in planning and developing scientific evidence to validate indications, statements on effects and advertising messages.


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